Weeping Willow Silhouettes

a poem by Christine Anne Shaw, UK

( This is a free verse version based on a poem I posted yesterday called Windsor Sleeps)

No human form casts
shadows across the stillness
as Windsor sleeps

Weeping willow silhouettes
graceful and fluid
in day time

A young girl's crowning glory
teased by breeze,
appear ghoulish by night

Blanket mist envelops
Eton's bank, falling short
of the river

Street lights shoot amber
laser rays over the water
then silence, scarred by

Unexpected chimes at 3.00a.m. as
a fleet of Canadian geese

Gliding upstream
phantom like, eerie
into the remaining night.

Silhouettes on Moonshine
A Bouquet of Nature's Best
Windsor Sleeps

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