a poem by Rita Joyce Singh, India

"I know you are still in their Miss."
A beautiful mind come to this.

He kept this up for a whole week,
The doctors said , it was hopeless, bleak.

A deep, sleep, coma she was in,
Would she open her eyes for him.

Though there was no such parting pact
He should never have lost contact

"I know you are surely in there"
Motherless boy, he had loved her.

He'd been her student, an orphan,
She had loved him,shown compassion.

Hope, was to be worthy of her,
That, he would someday repay her.

What took him twenty five long years,
Hardships of blood, sweat and tears.

Rich as Croesus, he was that now,
Just, may have forgotten his vow.

Not quite, for when the old boys called,
News of her illness had him stalled.

Overwhelmed to learn of her plight,
He had rushed back on the first flight.

He had to kick in her darn door,
And lift her limp body off the floor.

Here she lay vegetating sick,
Then he recalled an old school trick.

Such tricks had earned him detention,
But he HAD to draw attention.

He leaned close, whispered, "Listen Miss,
Compassion weighs like rock, hear this."

"Wasn't that what you use to teach,
Light ,scale, weights, measures, your own speech."

One eye blinked, her jaw shuddered,
The oxygen mask fogged and sputtered

Her lips contorted,then uttered,
Spit and ruptured sounds were scattered.

She woke, dragged her words,"Up to tricks!"
"Lad your head is one, full of bricks!"

"It was, 'Too lightly on life's scale,
Compassion weighs'... DARE you regale!!!"

"Indeed !!That!!! Was what!!! I had taught!!!"
"You of all should know! Yes, you ought!"

He smiled, "I do, Dear .....Miss.....Ima York"
Compassion should weigh like a rock"

"When your compassion tripped my scale,
I was an orphan, homeless pale."

"Gladly I give back all you gave,
Compassion in my life did save."

Old boys recount, he muttered this,
"I knew you were in there Miss."

"Heard he cried much repeating this,
"I knew you were in there Miss."

Note: No offence meant to you Ima dearest. You have inspired.
Also this is poem(the drama is exagerrated,concocted) hung around a true incident. This is a true story of a noble hearted man Mr Sanan (Now a Director in a multibillion dollar Shoe Business called Superhouse)the student of Mrs Sinha (she was in destitute state after retirement)a most endearing teacher of my son's school when she had suffered a stroke. Old school boys narrate this ... Mr Sanan strode, barged, broke down the door, lifted her up and rushed her to the hospital..he till today support her financial well being.

The topic compassion has a great history and Compassion has a strange comes back for me...I tried, i tried..

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