a poem by Christine Anne Shaw, UK

Inside the prison of her mind where she has lost the only key,
in depths of thought she cannot share, all time has drowned in misery.
Entrenched within a darkened cave where she will never see the light,
her haunted aspect tells the tale, her endless days are black as night.

She is not here, the one we knew, the strength behind our early years,
the one who soothed our troubled minds and wiped away our childhood tears.
She struggles in her waking hell, her fight is one she can't disguise,
and helpless we can only pray for recognition in her eyes.

We wonder if we'll see again that radiance upon her face,
the laughter in her sunny smile, her dignity once more in place.
Her future stolen far too soon, her hopes and dreams all laid to waste,
we took for granted all her gifts, now sorrow leaves its bitter taste.

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