"Throw me a Bone"

a poem by Richard Gildea, UK - poetry writer, author, poet

Master please, no ‘lead’ today
I feel the need to wander free
Though many times I’ve run away
I‘ve always scampered back for tea
I’ve been your faithful charge, ’tis true
Ever since you were a boy
‘Throw me a bone’ I beg of you
Give me something to enjoy

Back when you kissed my nose twice daily
Pulled my tail and stroked my ears
I knelt with you through three 'Hail Mary’s'
Tickled ‘tum’ brought me to tears
Fine 'Ladies' who did sniff around
Had me straining at the ‘leash’
You rubbed my nose upon the ground
Pretence in search of some 'Hashish'

A warning came that I’d be neutered
If by chance I had some luck
Another 'Pup' could still be tutored
To 'Dogs Home' now that would suck
Admonished me for cocking leg,
Up against a wrinkled tree
What’s a hound supposed to do
When having urgent need to pee

My years are numbered here times Seven
Biblical in many ways
One day soon in 'Doggy Heaven'
Where they even welcome strays
Some pedigree may be my ‘Chum’
A class above, I’ve always thought
Howling laughter, sounds like fun
A place we can’t be sold or bought

Yet I would stay, if having choice
Just to hear 'My Master's Voice'


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