Pedestal Wife

a poem by Christine Anne Shaw, UK

I'm tempted by a role I've missed,
a part I've longed to play.
Please place me on a pedestal
if only for a day.
I'd like to lead a pampered life,
a spoiled, adored, a worshipped wife.
One sheltered from all toil and strife
who always get her way.

I struggled all the years I worked
to earn my daily bread.
So now I'd love to have the chance
to change the life I've led.
I'll have my breakfast on a tray
while I'm still in my negligee.
Go make my egg a Faberge
as I rest here instead.

A cleaner can do all the chores,
the tasks which turn me blue.
And I will walk the dog in woods
as I'm entitled to.
I'll meet and greet my friends at one,
a spot of lunch will be great fun.
I'll bask and chat in summer sun,
enjoy the pleasant view.

As shopping is a therapy,
I'd hit the nearest town.
I'd spend your cash, quick as a flash,
now are you sitting down?
New shoes, a dress, new lingerie,
a coat, it must be Burberry.
And how about a Blackberry,
while you can wear your frown?

Go book a table, not too late
for dinner make it nine.
A bottle of the best claret,
it is my favoured wine.
Then you'll complain about your work,
while I plan other ways to shirk.
I'll not be calling you a jerk,
I want you to stay mine.

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