iPod, iPhone, iPad...iMad

a poem by Nishu Mathur, India

While technology has progressed in leaps and bounds,
New inventions, gizmos staring in the face,
Not being  so techno savvy.. it confounds,
And I find myself rather out of place.

From a push button to a touch screen gadget,
I thought I could well cruise,
But once to that I graduated,
It left me rather confused.

With but a touch, the screen came alive,
I found myself in a tight spot.
The icons all jingled and jived
I called people I would rather not,

My fingers acted on their own will,
Sweeping on sites unknown to me, 
I would hit browse with bungled skill,
And land where I'd rather not be.

Spell check would alter Indian names,
As if by a wicked design,
Often got myself in trouble,
When words regrouped, realigned.

Delete, send, read in quick succession,
Up and down as I would scroll,
The exact art of imprecision,
My fingers out of control.

I clicked pictures out of the blue,
The music played of it's own accord,
Applications downloaded unknowingly,
Complications I could ill afford.

Still wary, though perhaps better,
I haven't quite yet lost my nerve,
Hope to handle a touchscreen gadget.
Though yet on a learning  curve.

( indebted to Steve Jobs..but still learning)

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