a poem by Reginold Ajay Jacob, India

Words can make,
Words can break,
Pen is always sharper then sword,
Let’s be careful as we use our tongues.

With our tongues, we can hurt a person,
With our tongues, we can tell him the truth,
We can use our tongues,
Just as we chose.

History bears proof as to how,
People with silk in their tongues,
Have often mingled truth and lies
Just as situation, satisfy.

Lies, boasting, flattery, & obsequiousness
Are things, which the lord abhors?
All of them ruin the world,
Don’t store his wrath for sure.

A flattering tongue ruins friends
A boastful tongue ruins us,
A lying tongue ruins us all,
Let’s give our tongue a full stop.
R.A. Jacob

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