Oh willis wallis

a poem by Leif Phillips, Australia - poetry writer, author, poet

Oh Willis Wallis
don't you cry for me
I come from Gumer-acha
with a band-aid on my knee,
I didn't come by steam train
did not traverse by tram
I come here on my own two feet
that's the kind of guy I am,

oh Willis Wallis
whats that look upon your face?
are you counting on the next line
to put me in my place?
I was not born just yesterday
or even late last week
I opened up my own two eyes
just to have a peek,

oh Willis Wallis
on Wallis Willis way
that really is a strange address
you have to move one day
I did not knock upon your door
it was much too early for thee
so I put this note under your mat
and your car will be back at three.

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