I am holding the end of a rope

a poem by Reginold Ajay Jacob, India

I am holding the end of a rope
It has a loop on the other end
I wish to execute the guilt
But there’s none on the looped end

He says forgive and be forgiven
Yet I have grudges to hold
In order to take my vengeance
My heart has turned out to be cold

I am feeding the fire of vengeance
With a lot of blood, that is my life
And I cannot see an one executed
For most of the time, it is I

I wrote this poem as I found it difficult to forgive the people who did not give all the honor and respect. They should have given my father which he rightly deserved. He died of cancer, and I saw his friend’s forsaking him in his hour of need. This lingered as pain for years together.

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First I had one heart
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First I had one heart

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