a poem by Kelly Len Jonson, USA

I love it when the cactus wren
Perched upon the prickly pear
Warm their feet from the rising heat
Of the hot dry Arizona air.
To hear the coyote calls
Echo off of the canyon walls
It lets me know I’m not alone.
To smell air so sweet
Fragranced by the mesquite
Reassures me that this is home.
I hear the horned owl hoot
From an abandoned cactus boot
Here I see the lizards run, the setting sun
And all the colors of the sky.
Clouds so thin pushed by gentle winds
And pulled by snow-birds flying by
I watch the shadows of the saguaros stretch
Towards all the ambitions of the new day
And see all hopes die as the sun gets high
And retire the day as those friendly shadows
Long for the day that was
Or perhaps awaits for better morrows.

In my desert I see the roadrunners feed
And the colors bleed from clouds to sky
To mountain and finally the sandy desert ground.
I watch the javalina prowl dry river beds
Looking for flash flood’s dead
I hear the rabbits cry
When cornered by a predator’s eye
But this is only my regions nature,
Nothing more scary then any other.
But comforting here the rattler rattles.
So I won’t stand too near for its fear.
The scorpion recoils down in the soil.
So I walk on stones, there is plenty near.
Life’s water, at first elusive,
Is as the plethora of life. It rests everywhere.

There are those that call this place barren
Desolate ugly and lonely.
They suffer freezing snows, see few stars,
And barely know the length of a rainbow.
They have no appreciation for the rain.
Here they hardly notice the thousands of flowers
That blossom at all hours
And can soothe every anxiety and pain.
There is beauty abound that can bring tears to the eyes
Of a traveler looking for hope by a sign.
The jagged rock mountain that houses the sun on the horizon
Is the best comfort a lonely man can find.

At night by a billion stars and the moon
The desert is illuminated like a protective
Blanket to reveal nothing is gone.
There is a solitude and a sense of peace here
That makes it hard to leave
Even without fences between our neighbors,
Kindred spirits and my desert friends,
It’s home.

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