a poem by Reginold Ajay Jacob, India

Repent oh destiny,
Let me curse the day,
When plan was executed,
To kill a leader so great.

Almighty how could this,
Ever escape your eyes,
Why were angels not sent?
To protect his life.

Joys of our lifes,
Have perished with that one,
There is no one to guide us,
Our leader is undone.

I can’t bear this my lord,
Tell me how can it heal,
Even passage of time,
This wound wont heal.

Venom of politics,
Has claimed India’s son,
See goodness has failed,
See treachery has one.

Goodness on this planet,
Even nature couldn’t afford,
So has taken the pearl,
Up in its stores.

Almighty give my loved one,
A place that is best,
Let him have everything,
That’s above the rest.

Now that he is no more,
For his soul I pray,
let it be in thy presence,
Each and every day .

Did this world ever see,
A leader so great,
Whose goodness and righteousness,
His every deed did proclaim,

How shall the world move on,
For the gap shall remain,
Though ye choose any leader,
From this earths domain.

I am sure dear Gandhi,
Your name won’t die,
Just as name of Julius,
Your name shall grow high.

NOTE: I wrote this poem for our beloved Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi. I sent this poem to Mrs Sonia Gandhi as a tribute to my favourite leader . I received an acknowledgement from her for the same.
Every first line of the stanza starts with an alphabet of his name .

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