The Statue Of Liberty.

a poem by S.zaynub Kamoonpuri, Tanzania

Stands tall and howering this great landmark lady
The world's most famous gift and token
welcoming all into dear Uncle Sam's ethnic potpourri
In her vast melting pot sweet liberty awoken.

Pointing as it seems to the star spangled sky
from the land of the stripes and star-spangled banner
Her torch to meet the tourist-traveller's eye
while she tires not of standing in that manner.

Ah this world famous statue
many would love to have her tattoo
as it welcomes all and sundry
from her pedestal, her man-made plateau.

And if you ever go there
and have time to stare
view it from the colonnade
or view it from the promenade.

With that well-known torch lamp
this Mother of exiles' champ
she does for welcome and freedom stand
A beacon beckoning upon Liberty Island.

On the Seine river stands her model return gift
just downstream from Eiffel Tower
Ah Lady Liberty's one American lady
wielding real super power!

Eiffel designed the Eiffel tower
and he Lady Liberty's designer as well
And Bartholdi her prided sculptor
sculpted her so swell.

Extol I may this famed monument
but mine praise can't compare to 'The New Colossus'
a tribute by her own American, by Emma Lazarus
Her face too for Liberty's model quite famous.

And when asked personally
what I admired most about Lady Liberty
I sighed and replied,
'that atleast she wasn't dressed in a bikini!'
So hails and salutes O' Liberty
for liberty and modesty.

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