a poem by Rita Joyce Singh, India

He thought may be he could cage a piece of the sky,
Here was a strange thing,
How can a bird that's born for joy,
Sit in a cage and sing.

He pounced a net for the two together,
For he didn't think in his head, the hunter.
Harmless, they were just lovebirds of a feather,
Preparing to fly out for winter.

He tried to knock the two birds with a stone,
But settled for the one in hand, more worth,
The other mate hid in the bush, got left, alone,
It made the saddest song heard on earth.

In the hunter's home she refused to sing,
Though she lived in a cage of gold,
Food was offered,pearls, but here was a strange thing,
Though in bondage, she..remained..her soul unsold.

Sunrise soulmates, lovers all sunset long,
How deep their sorrow, being so cruel parted,
Born free, uncaged, their summer had been a song,
Sadly, was one soulmate caged and carted.

By now the hunter thought, as wisdom dawned upon a sad smile,
And learned him well that you can't trap in the house any piece of the sky,
Any life.. if it be bound, it was not worth the while,
"I better set you free ," He finally said, with a sigh.

He set ope the cage-door and the female flew the coop,
Flew across rivers, sunrise, sunset.. her determined goal,
On the third day she found her mate in a state of hoop,
Dead! No, Hope is a thing of feather, it perches upon the soul.

She trilled and pecked as if she ruled the roost
Lovesongs warmed his wings, veins,he trilled forth a feeble twit,
She trilled harder, bird-pecked, his rejoinder did boost,
United at last, in their duets now lilting every bit.

They rose in voice and wings, flew on the breeze, merged with the sky.
So close a union, so far away their strife,
The lovebirds sang fearless, free,filled with joy
Songs of freedom. To truly love is to set free in life.

Note : Again, simple as it looked this was actually difficult and i had to fall upon the metaphor base..have been a keen follower of Maya Angelow biography..Poems by Lawrence Dunbar his poem 'I know what the caged bird feels' and the poems of Emily Dickinson on birds and was inspired..i have tried to use as many bird metaphors. Thank you Christine for the lovely title. All expressions of metaphors 'Hope is a feathered thing, perches on the soul' and 'piece of blue sky' have been borrowed from these poems.(Sorry)

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