a poem by Edwin Keith Jepson, UK - poetry writer, author, poet

There's been many a story ,
Of Robin Hood,
And his Merry Men,
They tell of Sherwood Forest,
And the Oak Tree,
In the glen,
It's said the Sheriff of Nottingham,
Tried to hunt him down,
But Robin and his outlaws,
Would flee from town to town,
They say he robbed the rich,
And gave alms,
To all the poor,
And so thus,
Became the Legend,
Of Robin Hood,
Who lived outside the law,
There are other names,
That still live on,
For an example,
Friar Tuck,Will Scarlett,
And Little John,
There were also Maid Marion,
Who played a big part,
In the life of the outlaw,
By capturing,his heart,

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