a poem by Reginold Ajay Jacob, India

What is your answer?
When justice is denied,
When those who wait on thee,
Are day in and day out tried?

I waited on thee,
Looked down from the sky,
If earth is your foot stool,
Then why am I tried?

She says it’s not a charity home,
What more do I need to hear,
Superfluous in words,
Do you know how words can tear?

Look inside me you will not find a heart,
Just a clot of blood you will find,
This clot binds all my frustrations and dreams,
Which you won’t ever find,

He made you at leisure
He made me in haste,
So you are honored,
I am just a waste.

Garbage bin serves a purpose,
Even garbage is reused,
How can than it be,
That I am refused,

Heavens look down, repent ye sky,
Look down ye, who live on high,
Let your tears keep dripping,
As thy servant, is tied.

May my pain cause you to bleed?
May thy wounds keep flowing again?
Only thy blood can relieve,
I have had enough of pain.

NOTE:-This poem I wrote when I was hurt.
The incident discussed in the poem is a fact that I had to bear.
The last stanza is addressed to Christ who bears all our wounds and is our true friend.

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