The little star

a poem by Elizabeth Grace Shearer, UK - poetry writer, author, poet

Lying here quiet as a mouse
the others are sleeping, silence echos through the house
my mind keeps on churning, I wish it would stop
the minutes passing by as I stare at the clock

As I lie here feeling tired and weary
I see a star shining bright as my sight becomes bleary
A glimpse of hope, a loyal stranger in the distance
fighting against the dark I admire her persistance

This one little star lights up the sky all around
All alone as I think of the hope through her I have found
Upon thids one star in wonder I gaze
The minutes become hours as they pass into a haze

My mind has relaxed and my imagination flowing
to glaxies afar were star and planets are growing
So as I write this Im grateful for the hope that she sparked
Iv learnt so much on this short journey we embarked.

The depths of the sea

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