a poem by Reginold Ajay Jacob, India

What have I done?
Of which my mother you are proud,
I am one of the billions,
I am none in the crowd.

Even if you are one of the billion,
Even if you are one in the crowd,
To me my son you are precious,
To me my son you are life.

I count not success,
As a prerequisite to my love,
Even though, you be a failure,
Even if, you may, have won.

You were hewed out of me
My love for you cannot fail
However, you may be a failure
However, you may have won

You are a part of my being
I breathe the breath you breathe
Success or failure my son
Cant ever my love conceal

NOTE:-I was inspired to write this poem when I had met with an accident and my mother was taking me to the hospital.
In her eyes I saw love that is beyond compare.

Gift called love
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