dink donk dank

a poem by Leif Phillips, Australia - poetry writer, author, poet

My mate buddy pal
lets for arguments sake
call him Al
wishes upon a wandering sun
on behalf of everyone
that all peace be known
sargeants in an army unknown
placed to steal back life from death
guarding war with peace
argonaut chasing golden fleece
with wishes til days end
with only energy to spend
dink donk dank he says
stuffed if I know what that means.
Al lives on the hill
singing beatles tunes until
a fool recalls
Bon claiming his balls
were always bouncing
and then Bon died
my friend Al cried and cried
never loving Brian the same
alcohol was to blame
along with excess and lifes pure fame
but Al only said
dink donk dank
with which I assumed he meant
Bon was still dead.
Al went on holiday
over the seas but not far
perhaps just an island
slightly off shore with a coffee bar
Al loves to rhyme
even on holiday
he would amass tourists and time
locals joining in the call
to watch my mate Al fall
into hypnotic trance and he'd dance
all over islands large and small
dink donk dank and a dank donk dink
Im not surprised if you think
Al's words were meaningless after all.

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