a poem by Nishu Mathur, India

Loving you is easy,
You know me like no one does,
You hear the whispers of my heart,
You hold the rhythm of my pulse.

Loving you is easy,
For you sense my every want,
Before words can  shape desires,
Before desires come to haunt.

Loving you is easy, 
With you I am just me,
I need'nt veil my eyes,
Nor fear what you could see.

Loving you is easy,
For the tears you kiss away,
The words that calm my heart,
The smiles that make my day.

Loving you is easy 
For the love notes that you sing,
The beauty in your songs,
The  magic that you bring.

Loving you is easy, 
And it's all I seem to do, 
When I look in your eyes
I see all this love in you. 

( inspired by the song..)

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