a poem by Edwin Keith Jepson, UK - poetry writer, author, poet

The wise man lay there thinking,
About where the years had gone,
He thought about that dusty old pit,
Where the sunlight never shone,
Friends of old had moved away,
Or simply just passed on,
He remembered most of all their names,
But now there were only one,
His muscled body was aching,
This happened now and then,
That's to be expected he thought,
When you reach three score and ten,
His courting days were over,
They remained back in his past,
But what emotional times he had,
Those memories would always last,
He remembered his trusty record player,
Churning out the sixties songs,
Elvis, Cliff, and Tom Jones,
All deserved their fame and gongs,
Johnny Cash was brilliant,
And so was Buddy Holly,
Then there were Dean Martin,
And Doris Day was full of jolly,
Debbie Reynolds sprang too his mind,
And Elizabeth Taylor was close behind,
Oh those days have long since gone,
But their names will still live on,
Now back to reality the old man came
His muscled body aching now and then,
This was to be expected he thought,
When you reach three score and ten,

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