First Crush

a poem by Christine Anne Shaw, UK

A crush he has on Ruby Cruse, a ten year old he met at school.
She never fails to make his news, a classic beauty, she's so cool.
Should he invite her back for tea to play upon the trampoline?
It's true she has another beau, but could we help to intervene?

He has the stomach for the fight and though he is a trifle shy,
he hasn't given any clues, what could he do to catch her eye.
his older brother knows the score and offers his well-timed advice.
"Go buy her something from the store, a little trinket could be nice'.

A bracelet with some lucky charms wrapped safely in a stylish pouch.
The money box much lighter now, his face portrays a look of "ouch'.
So off to class on his last day, armed with a special secret gift.
Will he return this afternoon with steps which have a lighter lift?

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