Lost once again

a poem by Skye Kerri- Leigh Bagshaw, UK

Lost once again,
I wish everything was was simple and plain
Not tiring and complicated day by day,
I wish I could just sit back and play
Anything I want, with you by my side
As you have accomplished the battle over pride,
But not I have to choose
And although you have won you may have to lose,
How is it fair
That before they didn't notice me
But now they suddenly care?
I cannot see
The answer though it's probably staring me in the face
And now I will be left in disgrace
Until I decide
Who is going to be my side,
But I want you
Who always knows what I want to do,
You can read my mind
And the same individual I will never find,
You are one of a kind, not like the others,
It never bothers
Them what I've been through,
With them it is always "I" instead of "you."

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