a poem by Kelly Len Jonson, USA

Sometimes at night, if you cry
Wondering why dad’s not there
Please know, I do love you too
I’ll always be true to you
I am a part of you
And I wish that I was there with you too.

So close your eyes, and realize
Know in your heart and mind
That you’ll always be mine
And together in time we’ll be
But for right know
You can see me in your dreams

So tuck in those feet
Count all those sheep
Just try to sleep and
I’ll be there with open arms
I’ll show you my love
With kisses and hugs
I’ll hold you tight
Till you’re taken by morning’s light

So late at night as I sigh
Reflecting days gone by
I pray that you won’t forget me
Someday you’ll forgive me
Know you are a part of me
I never meant to dissolve our family

But what’s done is done, please don’t cry
You’ll always be here inside
My heart. The one that’s still aching
With memories breaking
A future creating
But for now you’ll be there in my dreams

So I’ll tuck in my Feet
I’ll count all those sheep
I just try to sleep and
Find you there with open arms
You’ll show me your love
With kisses and hugs
And you’ll hold me tight
Till we’re severed by morning’s lights

Please understand
Your folks grew apart
We both still love you
And deep in our hearts
We still love one another
We are your father and mother
And we’ll still work together
To assure that you’re properly cared for

There’s really no blame
Just regrets and some shame
Our feelings inflamed
And you were a victim
But you can overcome
You’re in a new home
But it’s so far away
From where I’d have to come from

But we can tuck in our feet
Count all those sheep
Go fast asleep
And find each other there
We’ll laugh and we’ll play
And communicate
Till dawn breaks it all
Then we can pick up a phone and just call.

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