A Flotilla Fit For A Queen

a poem by Christine Anne Shaw, UK

No finer tribute could be paid,
ten deep they line the river bank.
Tradition on the mighty Thames,
despite the climes, cold, wet and dank.
The essence of a masterpiece,
a Canaletto nothing less.
While church bells peal throughout the land,
a thousand vessels will impress
and journey through the rippled waves
in homage to a Diamond Queen.

In majesty the varied craft,
all sizes, colours float on by.
And underneath a canopy
are views of London and of sky.
Inside The Spirit of Chartwell,
the royal party stands in awe,
amid the splendid floral decks
and gilded carvings, fine decor.
Look how the people come to throng,
so keen to celebrate her reign.

(Diamond Jubilee - The Thames hasn't seen anything so spectacular for 350 years)

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