Falling Down Two Flights of Stairs

a poem by Rita Joyce Singh, India

Coming down from the breezy terrace
Fending off cold wind from the face
Missed my steppings, slippers slipped
Somersaulted, flipped
Down a flight of stairs I tripped
Full length, straight zipped
An oblique keel
Hitting head, hips, heel
Three bumps per steps, unbreaked
Forty five hits later I was winded, sore,flaked
Spreadeagled, unhurt but stunned on the floor
Grand daughter bursts open the landing door
“Nan! Oh poor you! Are you alright!”
What a sight!
She tried to haul me to my knees
Steadied me with a hugging squeeze
I said, “Let go I’m fine really.” Ashamed, embarrassed.
She loosened grip before I had braced
May be those displaced otoliths in my ears went swimming
Causing imbalance and head reeling
I promptly took off on the second flight
Of stairs-this time face- forward –chest- shins-hips bumps
Again, about forty five hard thumps
Grand dot, in her valiant, screaming, saving bid
Rode piggy back on me all the way down, she did
At the bottom, “ Oh Nan! Poor, poor you, are you alright?”
“Oh my darling girl you would have died!”
I held her and cried,
“Trying to save me!
What a fright you gave me!”
“Nan”, She said, “ Are you hurt anywhere?”
“No, are you my little bear?”
“No, but wow! Nan, you are my favouritest Humpty Dumpty hero.”
Embarrassed, I grinned , though feeling… humiliated…zero
Then suddenly she yelped like an excited doggy
Her words turned my bumptied dumptied old bones soggy
“Can !!!!”
“We do it again!”
“Oh! Please, Nan!”
“Just one more piggy back ride!”
My mouth hanging wide.

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