Westly, I wish you Red

a poem by Rita Joyce Singh, India

I have read and re read
All poems in colours dedicated to you that said
Green, Blue, Red, Purple and one in Pink
Loved them all but it made me think
I must add mine
From my lot which is always incarnadine
I wish you the glories of Red
But beware of Red
In all these, there is something about Red
How quickly it goes to the head, turns head
Red is a darling but a restless wench
With the grip of a wrench
A Red car on the road
Makes other drivers nudge it or goad
A Red Traffic light holds sway
Yet it makes us want to break away
Remember Ms Riding Hood
Wicked Wolf stalking her in the wood
Well, she wore Red
So do Indian brides when they wed
It’s the colour of good fortune, health
Symbol of the sacred on the forehead,
Her wealth
Red is the goddess of colours, incarnate
Has ruled history and man’s fate
It is the planet of Mars, brave. It’s the mistress
Of war and distress
It has flair, flamboyance
Pert, charming, invites a second dance
A bull sees it or not
But you see red, when angry , flustered, hot
It has attitude, bold, defiant, plain rude
It is to say the least, conceited, saucy
Seductive, tickle-brained, racy
I wish you Red
Red of rejoicing, Christmases, Hollies, Santa and Poinsettias flowers
Happy hours
Red can dispatch, dissemble
Flag you down, gamble
The alter ego of the wearer
Intentions, statement, declarer
Standard bearer
And remember Delilah of the ruby Red lips and drugged wine, did persuade
Poor Samson or was it to totally dissuade
So, it can lure a leman
Turn him to heman
Red stalks
Celebrities - see their red carpet walks
So, I wish you all these, of the exciting, excitable Red, I wish you Red
It has varying complexion
The beauty of roses and Red soil of earth
It matches the strange, unfathomable, ceaseless vitality of blood, happiness, mirth
It warms like the wood fires and the Red sun
Like the autumn leaves
Fallen yet not failing to please
It is the heart of poems
‘My love is like the Red, Red Rose’
It expresses in one word, valentine greetings or woes
Colour of nail varnish on dainty toes
It is the colour of Cardinal caps, thrones, rubies, riches.. foison
It is awesome
Like aged Red wine, intoxicating, goes to the head
Dear Westly, I wish you a wonderful life ahead
Foison, Foison, Foison
So, I wish you the courage and qualities of Red
I wish you Red.

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