Sky-Blue Pink for Westley

a poem by Keith Lumbard, UK

Oh craggy steeps afar you beckon me
High brows, that urge I claim this place in dream
Awe captivating views revealed, I see
Vast tidal blades of yellow gold and green

Fine flailing, swaying, splaying gilded ears
That bask beneath a beauteous of blue
Sweet gifting me the music, of the spheres
Euphonious your trill, (seductive woo)

Expansive groves of populus and oak
Whose catkin proudly inflorescence bloom
Firm reaching boughs of awesomeness evoke
Their shadowy cavorting on the flume

Where orange flames combine with purple, (sink)
Behold a captive sunset, sky blue pink

Keith Lumbard 09th June 2012

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