Ice cream, Sugar and Spice ....Contribution for father's Day(Note added)

a poem by Rita Joyce Singh, India

Thought you hated ice creams Dad
Not actually hate
Avoided it, it hurt bad
A sensitive throat
I inherited the same
Problem of the throat
Tonsils would inflame
Mom worried and thought
Till one fine day you were caught
Slipping me ice cream
Mom argued and back you fought
She had banned ice cream
“Oh! What unfortunate waste !”
Then I heard you scream
You could never lick or taste
A single ice cream
“What fun or use is childhood!”
No chocochip swirl!
No Vanilla that feels good
For our little girl!”
Ice creams, sugar and spice
These things made you sick
Still you thought I should have choice
(If) I could choose and pick

You sent my tonsils packing
Then scooped me ice creams
All colours of lip smacking,
Sprinkled, flavoured dreams
Now dad I know you don’t hate,
Ice creams made you sick
Yet my life was made...chocolate
Each cool creamy lick
Sometimes when life comes messing
Gets throat achy too
You’re not wrong in guessing
Sure, I can lick that too
And… flavour till today
Caramel Sundae
That ‘great one’ on Father’s Day
Called ‘Special Fundae’

Note : This is a just a frivolous nonsense poem ..the idea incorporated is that most fathers struggle aand make sacrifices .. a lot so that their kids can have better choices in life.

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