a poem by Edwin Keith Jepson, UK - poetry writer, author, poet

Down a mine we descended,
In a cage,
Not fit for a scholar,
Nor man,
And underground,
We dug for coal,
This was our goal,
This was our plan,
Every coal seam was to be extracted,
Using heavy machines,
And the courage of men,
But eventually it happened,
The unexpected,
From the power above,
Intervening once again,
Strikes were horrendous,
Putting man against man,
And then a year of torment,
But the course was steadily ran,
Then gas took over,
Replacing the coal,
I suppose that's progress,
If you ignore the Dole,
It makes one wonder,
Would it happen again,
Especially if some Genious,
Decided our future,
Remained with him, from a stroke ,with his pen,

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