Dads… As Listed Under… Dozen Most Rare And Wonderful Creatures Of The World.

a poem by Rita Joyce Singh, India

Wonder who had put you up to this
I would have given that Project book a miss
But my snapshot fell out of a page, the twelfth one
Of your Class Nine School Project, son,
That one, on the Dozen Most Rare and Wonderful Creatures of the World.
I laughed and cried, went turtled
I was listed… next
With some underlined text
To the Pinta Turtle, Red Wolf, Okapi, Tarsier, Indian Tabby Tiger Cat
The Javan Rhino ..large and fat, a rare long-tailed Seyschelles Bat
River Yangtse Dolphin, The Ganges Dolphin, and Shrew
Which in my view
Wasn’t half as preposterous as that
Mexican Axolotyl Lizard..whatever..and rare Wombat
And your hand written text and date
Kingdom: Animalia, Phylum: Chordate,
Class: Mammalia, Order: Carnivore , (shouldn’t it have been Primates)
Family: Hominidae.
But you take the cake any day,
For under Species, where it shows Homo Sapien
Your example in your handwriting, is Dad
Why? But… then
It took a few seconds to home on to the words Homo Sapien,
It meant man or wise men
I am indeed honoured and emotional
This has been…… for me.. rather thoughtful…study, educational
And mom says your teacher and classmates laughed their heads off at school
The project was circulated from class to class ..Oh! I like the joke, don’t mind being a fool
But, rare species or not or near extinct one
I love you son
And in future, in the Life Cycle and History of a father
There, mentally, you may add another text
When sometimes you are bound to get vexed
With your son,
Remember this one
Habitat : Home, Hospitals, Doghouse, Treetops, Rooftops, Basketball court, Bedside, Swimming pool, Everywhere that God only knows
Orthopaedics, Dentist, Bike shop, Kite ground, Gun shop, Book shop, Movies, Band shows
Candy, Gum, shop, Sport’s Gear Shop, in the cold or heat
Driver’s seat.
And, Functions or Characteristics: ( You can add)
For Fuddy Duddy Dad
Functions as Bathroom cleaner, Plumber. Oh Yes! Fixing taps, pipes, the showers you unscrewed,
Running for medical help every time you spewed
Running to put you on train.
Running in circles, running insane
Running behind your bike, running after your kite
Running to reach you to school, to concert, fixing dogs and dogbite
Just running…..
Sometimes jumping ..
From electric shocks,(remember) fixing your light
Somedays Just plain mad and jumping..
Could be, that is why you have listed me among the dozen most wonderful, rare, creatures?
Don’t know about wonderful but am I endangered ? Will I go extinct? Do fathers go extinct?
Never! We species of fathers can never go extinct.
It is the hardy, complementary species with born instinct
Though sometimes….. helpless,
Yet, a very prehensile (thumb) mind in danger, it is face to face.
It watches, protects, teaches, fetches ball, takes piggy back,
Reaches vertical, dives, stretches, crawls and slithers horizontal with an inborn knack,
Though the species does not display mushy emotions outwardly, it retains a resilient, storehouse of love
A survivor, far above
The Tarsier and that Wombat or Tailed Bat

(And, though it’s O.K with me
Don’t ever list moms with other beasts
With something as fat as a Rhino, something Batty, or Cats and Shrew
That is plain … taboo
If you can
Take it as fatherly advice, man to man from a … wiseman,
(Or, what I overhear you tell mom, Fuddy Duddy Old Man)
With love ..Dad… your Homo Sapien


Note: Homo Sapien Sapien (Twice) is terminology/nomenclature for the post hominid modern man.

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