Westly, I hope… all this, tickles you pink

a poem by Rita Joyce Singh, India

Dear, Dear my friend, my lodestone friend, Westly
Your magnetism draws verses from far Eastly
And from West, North and South penned deftly
What a great trend you’ve inspired really, lately
What a lot of colours in which to splash and wade
It’s as if, folks have gone on a love crusade
Well, that’s colours and, my sermonizing update
Now, here’s the downside, funny, though not to berate
What (I’ve been thinking) if all these colours wished for you
Gets mixed, there will be, will be much ado, to do
You might look a marbled Easter egg, boiled not hatched
Sport half kaleidoscopic dreadlocked hair, half thatched
If, black spots smear on white………….. hundred and two…… Dalmations
If Sun yellow, got mixed with red carnation
You’d look the beetroot red, orange Guru……… of incarnation
By all means, be twice blessed of colours wished for you
Just don’t turn aquamarine green on top of Dalmation
Though, still be lovable, but half pooch, half a seaside vacation
(No, no, I don’t laugh when I write), this verse here is to make you think
Make YOU laugh, laughter has colour, tickles you pink
For when, all colours are said and all verses done
You’ll have, the whole year long, a carnival of fun
Truly, just think, why do we wait for Valentine’s day?
Or Father’s or Mother’s day, or birthdays, when we can anyway
Wish folks colours throughout the year
Kiss them red, hug them breathless blue, white off a tear
Touch them, gift them, tangerines, browns, peaches, cherries and turquoise
For like love (aahaa! You didn’t know), colours give us a wide, wide choice
To appreciate life and nature, to use, to wish for others depending
What you want for them, brightening, soothing, tending
Purple, blues, lavender, violets, greens calms the nerves
In black and white, there’s truth, each one deserves
Myriads of hues not visible to the naked eye that are hid between
Are like gestures of kindness, they are there, yet, barely seen
There’s also a reminder rainbow, that banded spectrum with tones, Oh! pick what you need
While learning all colours are in one bow, irrespective of nation and creed
Colours have a mind of their own, just, just think
They are telepathic…they always open somewhere, someone’s link
And can swing the mood , like roses, like babies toes, lifts the heart in a blink
Eg.. beachwear in shocking pink
Ubiquitous colour that rhymes with drink
……………Just joking.. reiterating, (line 20) to rhyme it .. I hope….all this, tickles you pink

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