A very gentle loving soul passed away

a poem by Rita Joyce Singh, India

A very gentle, loving soul passed away
On the morning of Father’s Day
His ashes were immersed in the Ganges yesterday

He lived a quiet, unobstrusive way of life
Survived by two sons and his brave wife

Always gentle of words and deeds
Foremost, accommodating other’s needs

God fearing, straightforward, ready to help anyone he saw
My elder brother in law

Kindest father, understanding husband
Always joking, laughing, rushing to welcome,always bearhugging, hailing with outstretched hands.

Teasingly we all called him ‘Daddoo’- A Frog, for he loved the rain
He loved dogs, flowers and plants. There is going to be loss and pain
Of and on he was ailing
But nothing so serious or health failing
It was sudden, slept through two days
Refused adamantly, hospitalisation, said he just felt sleepy, exhausted in many ways
His family expedited medical help, doctors on morning of Father’s Day
Suspected this bode something serious ..but even quieter, quickly he slipped away
I suppose, true to his kindly nature he didn’t want to test anyone’s patience
He would have thought fussing, long drawn illness, doctors and goodbyes as stressing others or imposing on others, obligations

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