a poem by Christine Anne Shaw, UK

Sweet jasmine, how love let me down,
confetti kisses in my hair.
A trail of sorrow, web of lies,
a hopeless castle in the air.

Beneath your bending branches I,
walk carefree on a breezy day
recalling how I wed too young
and in the merry month of May.

But merry didn't persevere,
as melting moments faded fast.
My heart, my hopes and dreams for us,
a silent graveyard in the past.

And all that loving went to waste,
with promises that were not kept.
The wretched heartache, sleepless nights,
a lake from all the tears I wept.

From time to time our paths still cross,
though years have eased that bitter pain.
I see him through a stranger's eyes
yet treachery has left its stain.

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