a poem by ROY Douglas KNEALE, UK

How wretched is this tale to tell;
Of children lost (all Innocents!)
When disagreement cast a spell;
DIVORCE – the tragic consequence!

In Powers Divine he’d placed his trust;
To rule his house by Laws of old.
Alas! He was deemed less than just;
Domestic bliss, from cool, ran cold.

His offspring dear (He loved them ALL)
Were told “Your dad has gone insane!”
Convinced he had to heed ‘the call’
He stood his ground; endured the bane.

With spirit bruised, from nest he fled
Into the arms of someone new;
Who also sought ‘the way’ to tread;
Trusting this they both could do.

More offspring came – He loved them too!
But let them down – since which he’s grieved.
He’d lost ‘the way’; from hope withdrew;
Ceased preaching all he’d fond believed.

If there’s a moral to this tale
It can but be “Let no one boast;
For cruel the seas of life we sail
That hurt the ones we love the most.”

“In retrospect, all one can do
Is beg forgiveness AND flee ‘sin’.
Let true compassion harness you;
To treasure most your kith and kin.”
Cat. No. WN30612.

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