a poem by Dwayne Leon Rankin, USA - poetry writer, author, poet

A cabin seen there all alone
Within those mountains high.
Next to a lake so crystal clear,
Beneath that summer sky.

A simple cabin small in size,
A single room inside.
With a porch along the front,
Seen covered there and wide.

A chair was rocking in the wind,
With table found close by.
A place to sit on evenings warm,
And hear the winds soft sigh.

With deer and squirrels and birds all seen,
A sense of peace was brought.
No violence found within this place,
For peace was all each sought

An old man sat upon that porch
As creatures all came near.
To drink of all that water sweet,
With none there showing fear.

The lake was only just as close
To bring a feel of peace.
And when that wind blew cross that lake,
That sound would bring release.

He sat and listened to the sounds,
Heard sweeping by his door.
The waters on that lake he heard,
Lapping on the shore

No trouble came to him while here,
No hint or thought of war.
Just for a week or two each year,
His spirit to restore.

The gentle play of nature heard,
All through the land around.
True peace and joy and love of life
Within his heart was found.

With fish now baking in the coals,
Within the fireplace.
He sat and watched all nature there,
Within God’s wondrous grace.

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