Vodka Evening and That Rain Dance.

a poem by Rita Joyce Singh, India

Oh what ignominy!
People say
The next day
After the rain dance
They say I had done more than prance
I had introduced myself to everyone Mini Driver
That was after two of some drink called Screwdriver
Are they sure it was me?
Oh? What Ignominy!

Folks said
I had gone loco coco in the head
What!? What did I do?
Oh! Oh i had mixed cocktails
If anything.. i believe that never fails
What!! What! I had done some thing called semaphore
Now what is that ? Ship flag routine!!!
How! Oh! With table napkins
Just after i had Admiral's Vice
What was that again?
A drink had such a name!

I ended the evening with Bloody...Mary
No hangovers i can swear ..but the morning after ..I hang my head in shame ..I was scary
What! What were those drinks..mixed up cocktails
Where I danced in the rain waving some sails
I am told they are great times drinks..mixes.. whatever..
Curbs inhibitions
But not exhibitions!! getting wet in the rain..dancing.. overkill
On something called.. Vodka.. some.. something Yuk!! potato swill.
No! Go away all of you! I want to hide!
That was not me..drenched and drunk..I would have..first... died.

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