"ON THE DAY WE PARTED." (c.1947)

a poem by ROY Douglas KNEALE, UK

How is she by me remembered – in the scheme of all my love affairs?
Seeing there were others numbered – linked in life to me by Cupid's snares!
How affectionate-a-tether bound her - for so brief a time to me?
Why did we first come together yet so soon find reason to break free?
What do I recall about her – now I'm old and she is past her prime?
How has my life been without her? How has she survived the wear of time?
Why do I reflect with sadness – 'Things can never be as they once were'?
Why do memories of gladness such as that we shared not joy now stir?
Why am I constrained to wonder – 'How ill-founded was our sweet romance'?
How were our bonds pulled asunder? Did we fail to give true love a chance?
I know I was 'a romancer' – born to be 'a man of many parts'!
Which may well suffice to answer why we ended up with 'broken hearts'.
Or were we ones who pretended? – Or (by Cupid) victims - fooled?
And so (when our romance ended) was it not "true love" in us that cooled?
Either way fond dreams did shatter – on the day we parted long ago.
Whereas all that seemed to matter when we met was that she loved me so.
I recall her face – so youthful - and the tender magic of each kiss.
I can act no way more truthful than confessing she is one I miss.
Oh! If we could but recapture how it was - before we both grew old.
Gone our days of blissful rapture. - Soon must final bells for us be tolled!
Thus among my past loves numbered – a delightful sweet young Valentine
She is now by me remembered - as she was when I first called her mine.

[NB: An excerpt from “The Lesser Poems of RDK” - Cat. No. G442.]

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