a poem by Edwin Keith Jepson, UK - poetry writer, author, poet

Dark descended quickly,
And with it the swirling fog,
I was all alone as I crossed the street,
And in the distance,I heard the sound,
Of a barking dog,
I am not ashamed to say I was scared,
It was eerie on that night,
And when I heared footsteps close behind,
I'm sure my hair turned snowy white,
I knew I was close to my haven,
Just a few more yards to my door,
And with key in hand,
I hurried forth,
Perhaps a little paranoid,
But making doubly sure,
Once inside my home,
And feeling more secure,
I peered through my window,
And this is whatI saw,
I had awakend from my dream,
After my husband shook me , upon hearing my scream,
But that dream of mine,was such a Corker,
I thought I was being followed,
By a Stalker,

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