high school reunion

a poem by Dale Costello, Australia - poetry writer, author, poet

Thirty years have passed
under the bridge near the school
where we conceived a life just cool
without becoming cold
like the Canberra winters invading
two pairs of cheap store socks
frost making white montage
of grass and weed alike
cold steel of my bike
trapped between my runners legs
pumping to drag the warmth
still cold as I lock the bike in rack
its time we cant take back
kids smoking outside the door
every insult pledged with more
fists and feet and pain
the dreaded dead leg again
small amongst the small
grafitti on times wall
still a smile on my childish face
where Sigi and I would race
over the bridge every year
as classmates they would cheer
for team colour or friend
all is vicarious in the end
we victims of our parents bones
we traitors to a world of clones
sending bouquet or brick down the well
maybe its just Pluto guarding hell
a Cerberus too mild
antiquities of child.

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