a poem by Jon Whitehead, UK

Why do countries dream of war,
What is all the killing for,
Why can’t people live in peace,
So anger, hate and pain may cease,
But no, there is a driving force,
The villain being ‘greed’ of course.

And as we watch our children grow,
We realise that they’ll never know,
The anguish and the dread of war,
What were they really fighting for,
Thousands slaughtered and for what,
Something that someone else has got!

The ‘call up’ comes, it’s time to go,
So “Goodbye Freddy, “So long” Joe,
Close knit families torn apart,
Farewells are bid, with heavy heart,
And silent prayers inside remain,
Please God, let them return again.

Now in this modern day and age,
‘Computerized war’ is all the rage,
Little buttons grouped in rows,
Who will press them, no-one knows,
One argument, one stressed out mind,
Could easily wipe out all mankind!

So’ what is war’ well is it right,
That countries always want to fight,
Is it so difficult to agree,
To live in mutual harmony,
Because if there’s a third world war,
Our planet earth may be no more!

Jonathan White.

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