a poem by Cheung Shun Sang, Hong Kong

Flowers ought to grow with looks.
Swindles words are books to cook.
Trees of peony beauty called.
Signs of wealth are peony all.

Bonds of prisons die for buds.
Seeds will spread on very mud.
Peony dreams are flowers seeds.
Print my books but heads have heats.

Poems and books will like the buds.
Flowers grows are smiles are must.
Peony flowers graces are charms.
Colors hues are good as found.

Grumble made as flowers drop.
Franking stamps are nothing not.
Smells of flowers touch our nose.
Jester wake and keep their ghosts.

Some bucolic songs may sing.
Jesters sins are jumps are wings.
Sage retreat and words are safe.
Words of safe are not to hate.

Signs of wealth are peony send.
Flowers talk and flowers sing.
Peony beauty all is deep.
Flowers gardens life may fit.

Books of flowers printed and draw.
Books to keep are garden more.
Like our flowers all are zoomed.
Peony charms are very sure.
---------Cheung Shun Sang=Cauchy3-----------

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