a poem by Pronil Halder, India

I saw a dream yesterday,
that I am wondering on a road.
my eyes fall on a colourful
flag,which was on the lamppost.

It was so cute & colourful,
but which nation,I couldn't guess.
it was looking like a man,
so happy with a smily face!

I stopped looking at it,
when I saw an animal.
how cute it was,i couldn't guess what's it? Bird or mammal?

I touched it,then I heard,
a lovely & light sound.
an insurment is playing by itself,
removing all my mind-crowd!

I was thinking what it instrument it is,
but again I failed to guess.
but doesn't matter,by it's sound
i'm really impressed!

I went in front of it,and
my eyes fall on some trees.
it was so huge & tall & big,
& covered by golden leaves.

a sweet fragrance was coming from,
the big flowers of it's.
how sweet it was,friends i can't tell,
it was fastning my heart beats!

I tried to remember all the pics,
of trees I saw on books,
but I couldn't find any pictures,
which was same as it looks.

suddenly,I saw a man with white cloth,
sitting down of the trees.
I ran towards him,finaly
I found a companion,felt so glee!

We did a long conversation,then
I asked about that flag.
he said that it was a mixture,
of all nations,world has in it's bag!

I asked to him about that animal,
with rapt attention.
he gently answered that it was,
all animal's hybridation.

I also asked about that instrument,
which sounds so cute.
he said that it was all in one,
it can sound drums to flute!

I couldn't stop myself to ask,
about that tree? I did with gee.
he said all the souls of all the trees,
of the world lies in that tree!

I really surprised,happily crying,
and asked what this place is?
he said,"All the nations in the world,
lies here in peace"!.

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