a poem by Bhavna Menon, India

Shades of brown, blurs of white
Worlds apart;
Walk of life cautious and uptight
Inflictions of distinction reflected
Upon the glassy planes
Of the soul and mind

Look into the unknown blue
What you see is only you

Through the pupils of green and grey
Infiltrates a single force
Unimpeded by a seeming blatant reality -
Who the woman and who the man
The unfamiliar and the friend;
Who the occupant of the ocean side
Or the dweller of the hills;
Where the toast and where the bread,
Or where the guardian’s the beast
Or scarecrow head;
It amalgamates the air, rampaging through
Engenders a new,
Center of gravity only known by a few
And what you see is only you

Look beyond the unknown blue
The images on the glassy planes
Bid adieu,
Replaced with those of communal taste-
The torture of addictive Pain
The ecstasy of bursting Love
The yearn to feel
It’s more than real
The reasons for a glint of pearl,
Within an orifice
Unexpressed or unknown how
Or unfamiliar with its mere existence
The pleasure of addictive Pain
The torment of the dearth of Love
The yearn to benumb;
The reasons for a lack of pearl,
Within an orifice

Twilight leaks in through the cracks
The independence searched so long, transformed into
Unimpeded by seeming disparities, engulfs
A single reality
The need for a companion,
Lullabies to shut thy eyes
So look into this darkest brown
And call out my name

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