a poem by Kofi Afriyie Ntiforo, Ghana

We came to meet it flat
Some argued it was flat
If it's two flats then why the argument?
Because in actuality it was round-like
It wasn't bare but innocent
Full of blood but active ones

Till hearts refused to throb
Was it the lack of love?
Leaving holes in the once-flat land
Which the evolution of tongues call graves
Like these holes weren't enough

The greens are now being turned brown
Who can call that racism?
Yeah, no one cares about them
But discrimination in any form
Belittles every right greens have

Dying, the world is
Living, man thinks he is
But what we are supposed to call home
Is regretting it ever existed
Cos the supersonic explosions
Do not kill enemies
But land before it decides to kill
And on the ground is where it lands

How can people who are one
Be waging war against themselves
We have one world; one earth
If it decides to behave like man
When he jumps
Then it will fall victim to gravity
And we would all go down with it
To a better place?
Or to a flat place below?

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