a poem by Anthony Othuke Ominiabohs, Nigeria

Why cometh the storm and the hurricane
Raging beasts that tear down the farmers grain
Wheat and rye planted under Sun’s bane
With sweats, hunger and a prayer for rain

Why cometh the mysterious stab of disease
The hunter who steals the limbs of youth and ease
Plunging peoples into this frantic search for release
And in ruin, and waste, laying many a rapturous creed


Why cometh envy, distrust and jealousy
Tending in our ‘pious’ hearts, the wraiths of anarchy
Brother against brother; Love, guest in hates boundary
Genuineness devoid; ugliness, cowrie of the gods’ county

Why cometh death, the shameless whore in an oysters shell
Sucking voraciously the nubile essence of Nature’s spell
Life! The tender fire billowing in this warm crater evil befell
Bowing out suddenly to the hungry kiss of the belle


Why this endless, vigorous struggle in nature
This never ending chase through which our lives, we alter
Always chaotic: with our needs, our world we ignorantly batter
Leaving the legacies willed, forgotten in the ensuing languor

Ohmston Weth

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