a poem by Ogbozor Chinedu, Nigeria

The best seen scenery
Of our interal imagination
Who can tell the nation
All about our vision
If not our decision
When we have determination

We are on motion
with eyes full of vision
Ears full of questions
Heart full of decision
Our mouth will state our mission
When our is filled with passion

We are doomed
For under the browheat of brutal brutes
We metamorphosed into myriad of mistakes
For our blocks are deformed
By the forces we forfit

Our soul is in sorrow
Cos blame replaced our name
We looked unto the multitude
And we fell from our altitude
For all we could have been
Are lost in what we have seen

We now fight with frighty flight
Cos fate and faith gave us no fate
we forged our forgo
But our copy and photocopies sumed up to nothing
Then we thought of our building
With tears we asked for chance
To amend our choice
But we were held in chain
For our time is up

In this distress situation
We came to this conclusion
Life is the consolation
That we are not yet marked for desolation
But are daily actions
Are the prophesies of our unseen destination

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