a poem by Melissa Karina Skwarski, USA

Father of the night sky

They say the night sky is comprised of “celestial bodies” such as:
The sun set
The moon
The stars
And the planets.
The night sky is not made
but born each and every twilight.
From the moment the sun sets to the explosion of darkness, causing a silhouette night.
From this, the moon rises high
Showing It is the king of the night
and It shall never die.
Across the night sky,
scattered every where lies
massive resplendent spheres of plasma held together with gravity known to us as stars.
And in-between are
all the planets such as Jupiter, Uranus, Earth, Mercury, Neptune , Saturn ,Venus and Mars.
To me you are much like the night sky
From your heavenly dusk to your heroic night which symbolises your love
courageous like a lion but somewhat gentle like a dove.
The moon symbolising your success and even your failure
Like a king who never backs down when the going gets tough,
always upholding a positive behaviour.
The stars
The endless amount of opportunities you have
came across and grabbed
with a firm hand
Never conceding defeat no matter where the cards land.
The planets
Your hopes, your dreams, your desires
From gravel and dirt to building empires

And you may not know it
And it may not seem
Like I care
But just like the night sky I look up to you
From all the wonderful glory days to Flory days that we shared.

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