a poem by Lauren Renee Sanchez, USA

Being a kid is watching rain drops race,
Down the car window,
On a rainy day.
Drawing in cold condensation on windows,
Breathing onto glass to create a fog,
And splashing in puddles that decorate the ground.

Being a kid is jumping from couch cusion,
To couch cusion,
Trying to avoid the "lava" on the floor.
Sitting on the couch with your siblings
And steering play pirate ship(s).
Squeling under pillows, to hide from the vacum.

Being a kid is not steping on the cracks,
On the sidewalk.
Trying to avoid certain pieces of the floor,
In the supermarket.
It's pretty, pretty pleases
And Why not's!!!!

Being a kid is finding creatures in clouds,
Laying on green grass,
Running around and flapping your arms
So you can soar with the sun.
Using your outside voice, inside.
Laughing, smiling and having fun

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