a poem by Esha -. Razdan, India

You must’ve heard it everyone says
Once upon a time in a far off place
Lived a beautiful girl, Cinderella was her name
But she had a hard life….what a shame
Every day from dusk to dawn
She had to do chores on and on
She lived with her Step-sisters and Step-mother
As in this world, she had no other

Clean the floor well, it should be spotlessly clean
Not a speck of dirt should be seen
You are so slow...You better hurry up
Look at those utensils how dirty is that cup!

Lazy bones she has become these days
Whole day sitting and relaxing she lays
She is a burden on all of us
She creates such great fuss

They ill-treated her and made her do all household chores
But she never complained….silently she bore
She was alone with no one to talk to
She sang to herself...that’s all she could do

Once so happened that the king’s son threw a ball
To which he invited the royals- one and all
The stepsisters were delighted to get their invitation
They started preparing for the day with much anticipation

“A red velvet dress I’m going to wear
With matching shoes and beautifully done up hair”

“As for me, I’ll wear a dazzling diamond set
Perfect combination with my Silver corset”

Dressing up her sisters was Cinderella’s responsibility
She did so with the best of her ability
She was left in the house, the others had gone
Sad and lonely she cried all alone

How I wish I could go to the ball too
But I know that my dream can’t come true
I want to be happy and roam like a free bird
But my wishes, my aspirations have always been unheard
Is this what life is all about
Is there no one to support and help me out?

Why do you feel sad...Why do you bother?
When I am with you- your Fairy god mother
My job is to make dreams come true
My clients end up happily…I assure you
Dressing you up Cinderella is going to be a big stress
After all I have to change a Cinder girl into a princess!

She was to be the most beautiful girl in town
With a swish of a wand she was dressed in a beautiful ball gown
Around her neck was a beautiful necklace
And a beautiful smile spread across her face
At last she wore those famous Glass shoes
Specifically of her size godmother had to choose
She asked her to return before 12 and not be even a minute late
As all magic would wear off then, and she’ll be back to her original state
When she was ready, she looked so pretty
But one more work was left…what a pity

Now we have to arrange a carriage for you
And of course arrange a coachman too

But how am I going to arrange for a carriage right here?
I do not have any money to spare!

Don’t be sad dear girl, there’s no need to worry
Just get me a big pumpkin here...Hurry!
Also get me a big rat and 6 little mice
Hmmm… I think all this would suffice

The pumpkin became the carriage and the rat became the coachman
The mice became the horses…how quick that day they ran!
She reached the Ball a little late and made a quick entry
The prince was the most charming of all the present gentry.
The prince fell in love with Cinderella at the first sight
They danced together happily...till it was night

Who are you princess I have never seen you around here!
There is nobody more beautiful than you anywhere
It’s an honour for me to have a dance with you
It seems like all my wishes have come true

And then they stuck to each other throughout the ball
Compared to that happiness for them, everything was small
But alas Cinderella forgot that the spell
Will remain only till the clock struck twelve
Unaware Cinderella continued to dance
But thankfully she realized it later by chance
She hurried down the castle stairs as fast as she could
But her shoe slipped and fell there...Ah that was good!
For the prince discovered it the next day and announced to one and all
That the shoe belonged to the beautiful girl who he had met at the ball
Go search for the girl in whose foot this shoe fits perfectly
And I would marry her…my princess and we would live happily
And the soldiers went throughout the city and knocked on every door
All the girls tried to fit into the shoe until their foot turned sore
Even the step sisters tried on the shoe but couldn’t get into it
Alas! The shoe was too just wouldn’t fit!
At last it was Cinderella’s turn and she easily fit into the shoe
“Bravo” exclaimed the soldier,”at last we found you!”
The prince married Cinderella and they lived happily ever after
They had a life full of happiness, goodwill, joy and laughter

So this was the story of Cinderella from rags to riches
It was all because of me...The greatest of all witches
If it weren’t for me, she’d have still been the same
The shabbily dressed cinder girl too naïve and lame
But who does everyone love and admire...No it’s not me
I never get the credit I deserve... I did all this for free
Maybe now that you have heard my story, you would help me out
Tell to others, make them aware, scream and shout
I am the real heroine of the story
I got Cinderella all the fame and glory
I thought love and kindness always pays
I deserve all the attention and praise
The heroine of the story there is no other
Except for me the fairy god mother!

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