a poem by Farrah Sinha, India

Loving You
Simple ecstasy...

Sweet tingling of bells
Sprinkling sugar icing on a rich brown chocolate cake
Ice melting in a cool mint drink on a hot summer’s day
Sizzling eggs in a frying pan
Sipping steaming coffee from my favourite cup on a cold and wintry day
It’s the way you make me feel.

Dew drops on bright green blades of grass
Sticking my face out of the car window
Brilliant red globe on golden sand; sun setting in all its glory
Milky skies and cotton fluffs
Single bright star for miles on end
Cool breeze in any season
It’s the way you make me feel.

Juicy apples, sweet grapes
Satin on smooth silky skin
Red, yellow, purple, pink
Strawberries splashing into cream
A satisfying dream
Sprays of water
Splashing fish in a fountain pool
It’s the way you make me feel.

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